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Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth this November

The 2018 elections are fast approaching. Help us make mental health part of the conversation. Join us and take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth this year. While you are there:

  • Learn about the issues
  • Find out about ways to educate candidates about mental health
  • Register to vote
  • Get tools to mobilize other mental health voters
  • Know your voting rights

Today’s candidates are tomorrow’s elected officials. And elected officials—from district attorneys and county commissioners to governors and members of Congress—play a role in deciding what mental health services and supports are available in our community.

From now until Election Day on November 6, reach out to all candidates and ask them about their positions on issues related to mental health. Share information about the importance of investing in mental health. When candidates hear from you about the importance of mental health care, they will listen. Your efforts to develop relationships with candidates of every political party helps us work together to improve mental health in America.

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